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Conix Research Inc. is now offering machining services.

ConixLogo      Conix Research Inc. is a premier manufacturer of motorized stages, filter cube sliders, filter wheels, microscope accessories and custom electronic and mechanical devices. We specialize in the design, manufacture and assembly of high quality computerized automated equipment, which we assemble from precision parts made in-house. From start to finish, Conix Research Inc.'s microscope accessories go from great ideas to finished products all under the same roof. We know our clients are interested in only the highest precision and finest quality, so we don't trust third party manufacturers to live up to our demanding standards. Instead, we meet them ourselves. We wire our own electronics, we program our own controllers, and we machine our own parts, to name only a very few things. The result is a high quality product you can rely on, with prices you can afford.

     We pride ourselves on being able to design and manufacture to our client's specifications, frequently making modifications to our standard line of products. Some products we have designed and manufactured in the past include Motorized Lens Turrets, Motorized Filter Wheels, Motorized Filter Cube Changers, Remote Focus Accessory, a Digital Stage Readout, and a PicoInjector. Your demands on our products are our highest priority. If we don't already have something that fits those demands, we'd love to hear about your ideas for tailoring one of our existing products to suit your needs. If you are involved in the microscope industry, you probably have seen our products under someone else's label.

     From Europe to the United States, our products are meeting or exceeding our customers' demands for precision and reliability. It is our policy not to settle for anything less. If you have any questions or comments, or are interested in one of the products listing on our products page, please contact us at Support2016@conixresearch.com.

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